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Our highly custom Crossover Series fabric buildings combine the functionality of steel structures with the endless benefits of Winston Michael fabric buildings. This series enables you to design the exact size and clearance of your building without any shape constraints. With their engineered blueprint, you will never have to worry about obstructed space in our buildings. We are ready to help you engineer the ideal Crossover series fabric building to meet all of your unique needs.

Foundation Options

  • I-beams
  • Precast Concrete Blocks
  • T-panels
  • L-panels
  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Jersey barriers
  • Additional options are available upon request


Fully Customizable

Key Advantages

  • Built with hot-dipped, cold-rolled galvanized steel to prevent corrosion, ensure strength, and meet ASTM A123 standards
  • Covered with hte most durable fabric on the market, Enduro-Loc™, which provides natural light and airflow while keeping out all excessive wind and moisture
  • Constructed with either a monolithic cover or individual bay covers depending on your application
  • Designed to meet IBC 2012 guidelines
  • Includes unbeatable customer service, with expert industry professional and an extended warranty

Other Frame Profile Examples

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