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We understand that not all of your building needs are permanent, which is why we are able to provide our Temporary Series. Temporary fabric buildings serve as great provisional warehouses, construction sites, and mobile military shelters. For these applications, quality is key, and we can assure you that relocation will never affect the longevity of our buildings. Check out the details below regarding the options for our temporary fabric buildings.

Foundation Options

  • I-beams
  • Precast Concrete Blocks
  • T-panels
  • L-panels
  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Jersey barriers
  • Additional options are available upon request


Key Advantages

  • Portability that enables various functions with one structure
  • Covered with the most durable fabric on the market, Enduro-Loc™, which provides natural light and airflow while keeping out all excessive wind and moisture
  • Fulfills nearly all building codes, eliminating the need for a zoning permit
  • Designed to meet IBC 2012 guidelines
  • Includes unbeatable customer service, with expert industry professional and an extended warranty

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